So looks like, you were trying to test your luck in Youtube? Well, If you think as I think, then you are probably not happy with the statement I’ve made. Because, I believe that there is no such thing as ‘testing your luck’ in anything (If my understanding of the word ‘luck’ is correct). I must re-frame the sentence to ‘test your passion in youtube’. Well yes, passion is all that you need to have to do anything. When you got passion in doing something, you do hard work(or smart work) automatically. 

Psst, this is looking like a Morales class more than a Youtube tutorial. Let me come to the point now, but wait, I don’t actually know what point to start with.


You Wanted to learn about How to Start a Youtube Channel , Make Videos, Upload Them, and start making money from Youtube, right?
Well, let me pose you a question first, who taught you how to browse Internet? who taught you to read my article? or who taught you to operate a Smartphone or Computer?
You must all have learned these things by yourself with experience, or perhaps, there must have been some one who taught you the basics in these things, just the basics!
Like, how to connect to the Internet, how to access some website or blog using the Internet, and some other basic stuff, when you were an illeterate in Computers and Technology(Probably, when you are a child)

Same is the case here, I’m going to be that ‘Some One’ who will teach you the basics of Youtubing. But, I can’t teach you everything about Youtube (no one can), because I can’t tell you what to be and what to do. It’s up to you, how you make videos and how you reach more audience with your strategies and ideas. 

Before getting started, just remember that Youtube is also a profession, and I should say that it is nothing less than other professions. A Youtuber puts in the same amount of hard work in making a video, as that of a Software Engineer in developing an App. 

So before getting started, just don’t look down at Youtubers and stop thinking “these guys are some lucky easy money making bustards” because no, we are are not very lucking and we are not making any ‘easy money’

How to Make an Effective Video?

There are various kinds of videos on Youtube. We can’t confine Youtube to one Topic or a few Sub-Topics. Literally, you want something, go search it on Youtube, you will find atleast few videos related to it.

So, in this session I’m going to tell you how to make an Effective Video, how to record it. 

What Camera to use?

In most cases, you will need a camera to record a video. Which camera should you use? If you are just starting on Youtube, then mobile camera is fine. If you are looking for something more professional, then you could buy a Web Camera, or any cheap camera(which is better than Mobile Cameras) 

Here is a suggestion from me, if you are looking to make things a bit more professional, then consider buying the Logitech C920 Webcam. It costs around 9,000 INR. I personally used this, and it can record some decent HD videos. But, if you are having a pro Smartphone like Iphone 7 or OnePlus 5 or Samsung galaxy S8, etc., then you need not even think about buying a Camera, just start by recording videos on your Smart Phone, be smart.

What to Record?

Organize your Video. First do the Introduction, where you introduce yourself, your channel, and the topic you were going to discuss or show your audience in that video, this always make your videos look professional.

Then go into the topic, use decent language while telling something to your audience, Conclude well. While concluding, ask them to Subscribe to your channel so that you can provide your audience with more useful content.

Well, I don’t want to talk more about what to do infront of the camera, because it varies for everyone who are reading this article. Just do what you feel will attract the viewers.

Edit your Videos

The main part of Youtubing is, editing.
So, how do you edit your videos? Using a Video Editor.
Which Video editor to use? A good one.

There are lots of video editing softwares you can use to edit your videos among which Adobe Products like After Effects, Premier Pro are the most popluar and used by many big youtube channels, and also by film editors.

Being a beginner, you don’t want to check out those softwares as they were very complex, and you need an experience to use these professional softwares. But, you can check this software named Wondershare Filmora which is a simple but powerful video editor with lots of features. You can download this from 





Uploading Videos on Youtube

 Youtube Accepts videos in formats WMV, AVI, 3GP, MP4, MOV, FLV

Creating a Youtube Channel

In order to create your own Youtube channel, you just need to have a Gmail Account. Once you login to your Gmail Account, go to and click on the Upload Icon. 


Now, a pop up like this will appear, just type the name you want to give your channel and click ‘Create Channel’ 

Now, you have your own Channel!

Uploading a Video on your Youtube Channel

1. Click on ‘Select Files to Upload’ and select the video you want to upload, from your computer.

2. Now, three text fields namely, ‘Title’, ‘Description’ and ‘Tags’ will appear on the screen along with a progress bar which indicates the status of your upload.



3. Giving the Title : Give a short but descriptive title, which describes your video. The first thing a viewer sees is, the video title. So, use words that attracts the viewer, but at the same time, make sure that the title is not misleading. You can use multiple titles for a video, if you want to. Just seperate the titles with a ‘|’ character. You can use a maximum of 100 letters in your video title.

Example : Tech Raj Blog | Visit for Computer Tricks, Ethical Hacking and Programming


4. Adding the Description : In this section, introduce yourself and explain your video ‘descriptively’. I belive that a large description will also help the video to rank high in the search results, because a long description has many words, which means large meta data. Also, share any important links in the description with your viewers (social links, give away links, coupon codes, etc). You can type a maximum of 5000 words in a video’s description on Youtube.
NOTE : Do not put any extra tags in the video description, as it vialoates youtube terms.

Example : Check out my videos on Youtube (


5. Adding the Tags : Tags help your video to become more visible on Youtube. Good tags will help your videos rank high. Understand tags as words/sentences which you use to tell your friends about your video. You can use tools like TubeBuddy to tag your videos effectively. Don’t use irrelavant tags, use only those, which describe your video. You can give a maximum of 500 words as tags for your video.

Example : For a video ‘How to cook Chicken Biryani At Home’
Give tags like ‘chicken biryani’ , ‘make good recepies at home’ , ‘cooking tutorials’, ‘biryani’, ‘cooking’, ‘tasty recepies’, etc


6. Thumbnail : Youtube randomly generates three thumbnails from your video, out of which you can choose one for your video. Thumbnail and the video title are the first things that any viewer will see, before watching your video. So keep this mind and choose the best thumbnail. You can even upload a custom thumbnail rather than using the generated thumbnails. But, to do that, you need to get your channel verified. You just need to provide your phone number, and then verify it. Click here to verify your youtube channel via phone.

Example : Again, check out my videos.


Youtube Community Guidelines, Violations, and Account terminations.

Before getting started on Youtube, there are some basic things that you need be aware of, in-order to be a quality creator. Youtube do have some rules which are to be followed strictly, and if you violate any of these rules, your channel might be at risk. 

Let’s take a look at some of the rules, youtube wants the creators to follow, during their Youtube Career.

1. Copyright Strikes : You can upload a video on to your Youtube Channel, only if you own that video, or if you got written permissions from the owner of that video. You cannot upload a licensed content, which is own by someone else, but not you. If you do so, it leads to a Copyright strike which may temporarily disable your Channel Monetization. Sometimes, when the intensity of these copyright strikes are more, youtube may permanantly terminate your Channel, and you will not be able to use it anymore.

Using a licensed background music for your video, can also put you in troubles. If YouTube gets a report from somebody that their content is being used in your video, YouTube reviews the report, and if the report is found to be true, it fires a copyright strike on your channel, and also removes the copyrighted music from the video. Using someother’s content even in a part of your video can also lead to a copyright strike, when the creater who owns that content watches your video, and reports it to Youtube. 


2. Don’t Cross the Line : Youtube is for education, and entertainment. The content you post on your channel will really decide your channel’s growth. But, there are some types of content which you’re not permitted to post on YouTube. These contents include Nudity, Violence, hateful content, or misleading content. Youtube gives everyone, the liberty to report a video on youtube, if they think that  a video is inappropriate and should not be on Youtube. Youtube reviews the video, and decides whether it should exist on YouTube or not. Giving misleading titles or thumbnails for your videos is not a good practice. So, please keep this in mind while uploading a video.



YouTube Partner Program – Monetize Your Videos and Start Earning!

Now I know, this is what you want to learn. Making Money from Youtube. Yes, you can make use of YouTube partnership program, and monetize your videos (which means, display ads on your videos) and then start earning. But there are some things required to join the YouTube Partnership program. 

1. Verify your YouTube Channel with your phone number.

2. Make sure you have no copyright strikes or violations for your channel. You can check if your copyright status and community guidelines status, by going to your Creator Studio > Channel > Status and Features

3. Your Channel must have atleast 10,000 views.

After your channel has atleast 10,000 views you will be eligible to apply for the YouTube partnership program. Here are the ways to apply for it. 

1.Go to Channel > Status and Features, and Enable ‘Monetization’

2. Follow the On-Screen instructions and you will be taken to the Monetization tab

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