Introduction :

About Python:

Python is one of the most important programming languages and must be learned before learning any other language and according to me, python is better and easiest language among others. Python as a general-purpose high-level programming language is known for its simplicity. It provides constructs which allow the developer to create software with fewer lines of code and less complexity.

About this course:

This course is developed for absolute beginners. People who have zero knowledge about programming and want to start learning python. It clears some concepts and mindsets of programmers and trains you from the ground up and will get you to know the python language and its potential in and out. We have kept the learn-ability curve pretty straightforward for this course.

What is an IDE:

As a complete noob, you might wonder what is an IDE. IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. It is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development. An IDE normally consists of a source code editor, build automation tools and a debugger. In simple terms, an IDE is basically something that allows you to write the code and then run the code in a protected environment. There are various software / IDE that will allow you to code in python.

Lets Start :

Online IDE for Python:

Step 1: Search for IDE. Now I personally know various IDE but it’s better to search for your favorite. In the end, ill guide you on how to install my favorite IDE for python but I personally think you should explore more and learn yourself. So we will start by searching for Python IDE. There are some IDEs which requires zero installation and are standalone IDE whereas there are certain IDEs which are many online and will show you output instantly.

Step 2: Select your favorite online IDE. I personally prefer for online IDE. Click on this link to check

Step 3: Hello world program – Now let’s write a basic hello world program and test the output. Writing Hello world is simple. Python is really simple in terms of code. Most of its code is human readable. For example, the code to print hello world is

print(“Hello World”)

Step 4: Compiling the code. You can start compiling the code by clicking on the RUN button given below. The output will be shown instantly.

Installing Python idle on your system :

Step 1: Downloading – Now let’s learn how to install python on your system. Right now there are two versions of python. We have Python 3.5.2 and Python 2.7.12. We will use the old school method and first start using Python 2.7.12 and learn python 2.7.12 and then learn the changes and differences between Python 2 and Python 3. So we will start by downloading python from this website –

Step 2: Installing – Installing Python is pretty simple. Just follow the traditional method. Next next next and finish.

Hello, World Program in idle :

Step 1: Search and open ‘idle (Python GUI)’

Step 2: New File – Now its time to create a new file. Just click on File -> New File. You can also press ‘Ctrl + N ‘ to create a new file.

Step 3: Hello World Code – Write the same hello world code.

print(“Hello World”)

Step 4: Saving Programs – You can save programming by clicking on SaveAs. Make sure the file extensions are .py or .pyw .

Step 5: Output – Now its time to run the program. Simply run the program by going to ‘Run – Run Module’. You can also press ‘F5’ to run module directly.

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