This series of article, we will show you the coolest and useful android apps. Today let us talk about 5 of the free apps, that you can get right now. This is not ranked in order or the best in the world apps, but these are very efficient and useful apps.

1. Omega Chat for Omegle.

 This app is one of the best way to meet people with same interest, all over the world anonymously. This app allows you to chat with people all over the world, you can give a interest like, love, YouTube and more this will allow you to meet people with the same interest.

you will get to meet and talk to random strangers that have the same intrest as you have.

  1. Vidmate

It’s a very cool app, that you can download form internet.

unfortunately, you cannot find it on play store because, it does not obey the play store terms and conditions. You can download latest movies and trending videos from this app.

It’s a very popular app. You can download the apk from internet.

3. Picsart

One of the best mobile photo editing apps, this is genuinely a must have app in any phone or tablet that you own.

This app gives you a so much control over your photos, it has many features that will help your imagination to be real in the photo. This is a light weight app don’t expect to be as good as Photoshop. But this is all you need when it comes to minor editing and exposure controls.

  1. 3D Wallpaper Parallax free

If you love your phone, then you definitely need a good wallpaper. This app provides cool wallpapers will parallax effect. Try this one. This app has a huge libraiy of cool wallpapers with parallax effect.

Using this App, you can set a 3D wallpaper for your Android Device. You can choose from various Pre-Available backgrounds, and download the background that you like and then set it as the Home Screen

5. Find phone by whistle

If ever you misplaced your phone somewhere in your surroundings, you can use this app to locate it by just blowing a whistle!
Yes, using this App, you can actually find your Mobile by blowing a whistle. Once you install this App and run it, your phone will respond to you whenever you blow a whistle!

This app will help you to fine your phone using whistle, after turning on the app whenever you whistle the phone will respond to it. This will help you to find the nearby phone easily and look real cool.

Any of the apps given is not in any ways sponsered,this is just our opinion.Please try those your self and comment us your feelings about them. To know more about these apps go to the official app pages in playstore.

Watch the video tutorial for better understanding.Share and support us for more contents.

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