Today we are giving you five useful tricks for your Windows PC, and all these are totally free and easy to implement. We hope these tricks will help you in some way and if it does, please comment us.

1. Intel’s TRUE KEY – Face detection password protection.

This software is made by the great Intel itself. This tool is used to lock and store website passwords, and you can open them instantly using face detection. This can be utilized both on mac and windows and its free for some time.

There are multiple levels of security that you can assign as you wish.

To install

Step 1: Just go to google and type Intel true key and open the link and download the app or go to this link Download Intel True Key:

Step 2: Open the software and enable the extension on your desired browser.

Step 3: Assign a master password.

Step 4: After that enable the websites like Facebook, Twitter and more. Go to profile and add your face.

Now open websites with your face as the password.

2.Lock your computer with a USB drive.

This app helps you to be a James Bond. You can lock your computer using a USB drive. This USB acts as a real password, only if you plug the USB into the computer you can access it.  If you don’t have the USB in an emergency, you can also open the computer using a master password. Only for windows


Step 1: Download the app from this link. .

Step 2: Install the app, now plug in the USB and select in on the software interface.

And assign the password and click OK.

3.Change start button on Windows

Using method, you can set any image of your choice as the start button on your Windows PC.

Step 1: Download Classic Start Menu:

Step 2: Now you need to create a png file using Photoshop.

For that, open Photoshop and create a 256 X 768-pixel transparent background.

Now import your image and make three copy of it and align in equally on the transparent background you created.

Step 3: Now open the classic start menu and choose Custom option and locate the image you created and click ok.

4. Create Fake Harmless Virus to prank your friends.

This is an elegant trick, straightforward and simple. There is a full article about this. Please click on this link  view that.

This is a simple trick to prank your friends.

Download the Download the VBS code:…

Step 1: Create a shortcut file on the desktop and name it “My computer.vbs”

Step 2: Hide the original and hide the extension.

Step 3: Now change the icon of the shortcut file to the original my computer icon from the properties.

Step 4: Remove the original my computer icon from the desktop and replace it with the one we created.

Now your friend will think it’s the real my computer Icon and will click on it and all the fun will start. You can customise the script if you want. Go the above link to learn more about this prank.

To stop this virus, go to Task Manager, and then go to ‘Details’ tab, and search for ‘wscript.exe’ and end the process tree.

5.Turn off your computer directly without losing Unsaved work.

We are all familiar with the shutdown, restart and sleep options. There is one more option called Hibernate. This mode will save all the unsaved data on your computer, and it will completely shut down your PC. Meanwhile, the shutdown option will not save any files, and the sleep option will not shut down your PC. hibernating is an ideal option these days.

To activate that option, you need to.

Step 1: Go to the control panel and open the hardware and sounds option.

Step 2: From there you need to choose the power options.

Step 3: From the power options tab open “choose what the power button does.”

Step 4: From there you need to click on change settings that are currently unavailable and mark the hibernate option below, and you are done.

Watch the video tutorial for better understanding.Share and support us for more contents.

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